Decisions Backed By Data In Freight Forwarding Help You Strategize Better

Valuable insights are derived from valuable data. If your freight business is not keeping your data well-organized, you may be losing grip on:

  • Keeping your customers informed
  • Staying relevant in the competition
  • The ability to grasp growth opportunities

Legacy freight management software must pave the way for intelligent tools in modern freight software to empower businesses. Freight Forwarders in over 45 countries have entrusted the management of their end-to-end operations to Logi-Sys — cloud-based logistics ERP software. Enlisting further on how you too can reap the benefits of this industry-trusted freight solution.

Keeping an eye on the performance

Unless a close watch is kept on the key factors that influence your growth, you may find it difficult to stay on course. Early information about changes that could cause a favorable or unfavorable trend gives enough time to handle the situation. Some of the Logi-Sys’ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that provide clarity and visibility for decision-making are:

  • Percentage of Sales vs. Target
  • Warehouse Turnover (by cost)
  • Freight Volume by Trade Lane/Destination Port
  • Cargo Volume
  • On-time deliveries
  • Delays

Financial Information

Utmost control of finances is important in any business and it becomes even more crucial in the case of thin margin lines like in Freight Forwarding. At any given point, you should be on top of the assets at hand. That is why all reports of business transactions whether outstanding, payables, and receivables must be handy. This enables you to track the credit history, recovery time of customers, and outstanding balances to make the right financial strategies every time.

Closely monitoring Sales leads

You are missing out if you fail to give enough importance to every lead and prospect. These are the start points of growing your business network and planning to nurture them must be executed systematically. Logi-Sys has an excellent Sales CRM module that tracks, monitors, and empowers you to convert more. Digitizing the entire CRM communications starting from generating sales leads to quotations to automate the sales process till implementation to enhance sales and revenue by up to 30 percent. Sales strategies are the foundations on which you would build your revenue streams.

On-demand Data Analytics

The speed of decision-making matters when you have a significant shift in the course of your business. If your solution is only able to pull data once particular personnel or function consolidates it, you could find yourself in a fix. Real-time data from any or all of your branches across geographies must be readily accessible. Combine that with simplified reports and you will be able to thrust confidence in your decision-making. Logi-Sys integrates all aspects of the freight forwarding business to help you provide real-time information about the financial health of your branches and functions.

Customer Visibility

A supreme portion of your decisions revolves around your customers. How they receive the information or service they need, makes the desired impression to have. The clarity to your customers about their needs is proportional to their trustworthiness in your business.

To smoothen the process, Logi-Sys allows complete visibility on the shipment with real-time tracking, history of shipment, edit Bill of Lading/ Shipping Bill, Inventory Tracking, and Advance Ship Notice (ASN). All of these variables help to update the customer and thus helping you keep your customer happy and satisfied.

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By automating the operational process, Logi-Sys can handle up to 45 percent of repetitive work that gives the flexibility to focus on various problem solving and innovative ideas.

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